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03 Sep / 2010Program by:

Concert in Satsanga

American guest, Matthew, met Aurovilian, Suryan and his cousin, Croatian guest, Jan. Seven days later they gave a concert to a packed crowd at Satsanga Restaurant in Pondicherry. Suryan Stettner, singer-songwriter, guitar player, started singing from the age 5, and studied classical guitar from age 8 to 16. He sang in public for the first time at the age 7 and performed in his first Auroville concert in Aurodam kitchen at age 11. After having taken many varied music classes before and during high school he studied voice at the London GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology, Acton) in 1997-1998. Suryan has performed in public over 100 times, as a solo artist and with various bands all over the world.

Matthew Shartsis, singer-songwriter and guitar player, known to American fans as "The Great White Shark" studied at Colorado University’s Film School, where he started writing his own material. He has given over 100 concerts in the last five years, both as a solo performer and and as lead singer with his own band, "General Jones". Jan Ruk, lifetime singer from Zagreb, Croatia studied piano for five years at a young age but gave it up and now prefers to just sing. Encouraged by his cousin, Suryan, he started his own band three years ago, and performs in the Balkans, mostly in Zagreb. He also collaborates with a number of very talented young artists back home in Croatia.

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