Photographer:Anurag | Anand is one of the main organizers of the Marathon. Photographer:Anurag | Taj talked about designing logos and bibs. Photographer:Anurag | Saket from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, spoke about why he enjoys volunteering so much. Photographer:Vimal  | Auroville Marathon Logo 2012
05 Feb / 2012Program by:

Contributing to the Marathon

This program contains interviews with Ing-Marie, a participant in the upcoming race, Anand, one of the main organizers, Taj, a graphic designer closely involved with the event, and Saket, an Ashramite who enjoys volunteering and being part of the Marathon. Listen in to all these people who contribute to the event in their different ways and find out how they all come together to make the Marathon special. This is the second out of three parts of the ‘Running with a Smile’ series. To see the marathon route, click on READ MORE.