Photographer:Vida | Debora and Emerson
23 Jan / 2019Program by:

Creating free bio diesel with Social Technology

Emerson Sales,and his wife Debora were our hosts this morning in the studio. Conversation was pretty much complex – from creating bio diesel from algae, which is Emerson’s life work, to paradigm shift, leading to social technology, and role of women…..
Both of them are collaborating in some projects here in Auroville, and at the same time giving lectures, and creating network where the paradigm shift can happen, or where a social technology can be implemented.
Everything is connected, and as Debora says, all will collapse, the question is how we are prepared on that event, …
Working together on project such as creating bio diesel from algae , creating free fuel for the community while cleaning the environment, and technology to be shared. It takes a community with local population on local resources, and a Trust, that social technology can take place.

Among other Debora invited us to her book launch on Sunday 27th between 4 to 6pm at La Terrace in Solar Kitchen.

On Monday 28th at 3pm at Seminar Hall of Department of international Studies, Pondicherry University she will give a talk on Women in History.
And on Friday 1st of February at 10am at Botanical Gardens a talk on Quantum Paradigm