Photographer:Stella | Nikolai and Marina
05 Mar / 2012Program by:
Language: English

Cross-Cultural Sounds

Listen now to a taste of Bulgarian cross-cultural music played by Nicolai and Marina on a variety of instruments and vocalism…along with an invitation for tonights Bharat Nivas concert at 7:30. STRAW (Auroville Stray Relief and Animal Welfare) continues sterilization camps for stray dogs in the surrounding villages. Christina Anding, a certified stop-smoking coach offers a stop-smoking workshop of 4-hour duration incorporating a variety of techniques transforming smokers into lifelong non-smokers.

What’s you sparkles in the light that’s you. This body isn’t you, it’s the sediment. You should feel: this isn’t me, it isn’t me. It is what was put together more or less clumsily and ignorantly by father, mother, maybe with the influence of grandparents. I began to see clearly all the “gifts” that that came from them and then, the quality of the vibration, the quality of the sensation, of the so-called “thoughts” (which aren’t thoughts, but are almost automatic mental reflexes of sorts) and of the feelings (if you can call them feelings: they are kinds of reactions to the milieu and to all that comes from outside) it all swarms, swarms like worms in the mud. When you see it all you begin to say, “But this isn’t me!” The time of change must have come, because I was shown the worst your worst state and then, what you are to be. Excerpted from the Mothers Agenda 1963

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