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31 Aug / 2020Program by:

Cup of Joy – ep.12 “Words, the building-blocks of our life”

Words, the building-blocks of our life…Are you using them to build or to block?
Have you ever tried to stop thinking? Have you ever noticed that it is so hard it feels almost impossible? Have you ever noticed that there’s a “voice in your head” which “talks” even when you’re not producing any audible sound?
That voice is using WORDS to give shape to that stream of thoughts…
And is that voice a friend or an enemy to you? The ability to choose the right words will determine that.
Words are with us from childhood and accompany almost every waking minute of our lives… Words surround us by being displayed in signboards, labels, instructions, books, titles and sub-titles…
Words create our world, our culture, our history.
They have been used for constructive or destructive purposes…in great speeches or in the intimacy of our homes… to inspire or despise, to condemn or to praise, to wound or to heal.
Words have power, a lot of power… which is in our “hands” or better said, in our head and tongue…
This power can and must be harnessed, for our own good and the one of those around us.
In this episode we’ll explore some approaches that can help us in our lives by referring to the works of Biron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, NLP, Hypnosis and to some religious scriptures such as the Christian bible.
As usual Francesco and Vega will share some practical tips…indented to better manage the internal self-talk and the exterior expression of the words…for us to experience a more harmonious relationship with oneself and others.


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