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28 Sep / 2020Program by:

Cup of Joy – ep.14 “Trip & Travel tips…”

Are you planning to go on holiday or for a business trip? Will you be sitting on an airplane or train for several hours? Will you need to wait for a long time at the airport? Will you need to change the timezone?

What if you could make your journey easier and more enjoyable by taking care of a few little things?

Wouldn’t it be great to arrive after a long travel and still feeling fresh and energized? …Ready to happily enjoy your new experiences or to be “right on track” for your work?

In this very practical episode we’ll share several tips that Francesco has been developing during the past 18 years spent traveling the world. He’s eager to share these effective tricks with Vega and the listeners!!

We’ll talk about how to mentally prepare before departure, how to take care of your body, what can you do in those “empty gaps” of waiting, which “travel kit” you may want to take with you… and how your attitude and intention can make the difference between a dismal or memorable experience.

Come and join us in this episode… you’re welcome aboard!!


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