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Darshan Day

As we know 24th of April is Darshan Day, in which we remember the Mother’s final arrival at Pondicherry.The Mother came to Pondicherry for the first time on 29 March 1914 but returned to France in 1915 and then went to Japan in 1916. She returned to Pondicherry on 24 April 1920, never to leave again. On that day, Sri Aurobindo’s room is kept open for Darshan to visitors. There will be a bus on Sunday, 24th April on Darshan Day at 8.30 am starting from Matrimandir following the usual route and coming back to Auroville at noon. The trip is restricted to those who are going for the Darshan. Earth Week Program activities are keep going on – in the afternoon in Conference Room in Town Hall Living Routes students presentation at 2pm on waste, and at 3pm Ing-Marie presentation on Solid waste management in Auroville. At 5pm from Solar Kitchen guided cycle tour …

The lotus of the eternal knowledge and the eternal perfection is a bud closed and folded up within us.Sri Aurobindo
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