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29 Mar / 2019Program by:
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Death and Transformation – Talk 2

Mother and Sri Aurobindo have given very clear information about death and transformation. Part of their work was to bring humanity to the point where death and rebirth were no longer necessary for the universal transformation which goes on all the time and which affects everyone, whether they know about it or not. They spoke about an accelerated transformation which would more quickly bring man to this point. In the first talk we had their answers to the age-old questions; what is death, and what happens when we die. Talk Two, based on their teachings, brings answers the questions about;
1. What is the Role of Our Soul and Psychic Being in Death, Rebirth, Evolution, and the Future of Death?
2. What Happens When We Take Rebirth?
3. What Is the Future of Death?
4. What Happened At Mother’s Passing?