Photographer:Gino | Dedication poster designed by Emanuele Photographer:Gino | Loretta (left), Mandakini on skype (right) Photographer:Gino | Mandakini speaking on skype Photographer:Gino | Aryadip's introductory speech Photographer:Gino | Banu (left), Jyoti (center), Ivana (right) Photographer:Gino | Vinay unveiling one dedication poster for A4A fifth year campaign Photographer:Gino | Vinay speaking
22 Aug / 2018Program by:

Dedicating A4A's Fifth Campaign Year

Acres for Auroville (A4A) held a ceremony for its Fifth Year Campaign at Town Hall on 14 August 2018. “The work for the land is our love for the future.” said Aryadeep opening the dedication ceremony.
It was happily expressed that the team of people who work daily to raise the funds have met their goals every year for the past four years. They are still united and strong in their dedication to the future of Auroville and the world. This continued working energy is needed to fulfill Mother’s Dream to accommodate 50.000 residents.

Mandakini via Skype said the international efforts to secure land has created a special awareness and energy field.
Sigrid reminded us that Auroville is uniquely a multicultural place where the practice of consciousness, awareness and green living continue and it is the biggest project of its kind.

Loretta unveiled the A4A Fifth Year Campaign poster and shared that the pioneering spirit is still alive in Auroville. It is expressed in the hopes and ambitions of the new pioneers who come to Auroville. Aspirations for their families, sustainable living and unknown reasons all contribute to the pioneering spirit that continues to break new ground.

Visay having grown up in Auroville and representing the Auroville youth thanked all those who have sustained and continue to support Auroville and Mother’s Dream.

The Acres For Auroville campaign sends Darshan messages to its donors. This year the August 15th Darshan message includes links to many beautiful things the team has created to inform people about the progress of their work. You can find them all by clicking on these links: