Photographer:Renu | Entrance to the Town Hall Photographer:Renu | The Maire of Pondicherry Photographer:Renu | Left overs cycles from another era Photographer:Renu | Watching it go Photographer:Renu | The crane starts to tear it down Photographer:Renu | The Hotel de Ville of Pondicherry Photographer:Renu | Was everything done to save it?
01 Dec / 2014Program by:

Demolition of Heritage Building

This morning we witness the destruction of one of Pondicherry’s land mark buildings and interview the people around the site to try and understand what was happening, how they feel and if more could be done to actually preserve the building. This building was used as a public space, it hosted music concerts and also served as the town hall.
The building has been unused for a number of years.


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