Photographer:Google image | Auroville Greenbelt
19 Sep / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Development vs. Sacred Forests

Sunny speaks about the ongoing important topic of development vs. the land, the sacred forests, the trees planted and nourished by those who came first, to create the Greenbelt of Auroville. Also featured is the music of Ana and Tiago’s Yemadas Bamboo Band. Aurovilles Farewell Room, presently located at the Auroville Health Centre, is planned to become a part of the new Integral Healing Centre coming up on the Crown Road near Arka, announces its fundraising efforts.

To man, God is too slow in answering his prayer. To God, man is too slow in opening to His influence. But to the Truth-Consciousness, everything is going as it should!Be quiet and offer yourself calmly and confidently. All that happens is always the effect of the Supreme’s Will. Human action can be the occasion but, never the cause.
The Mother