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28 Feb / 2018Program by:
Featured: Aster PatelLanguage: English

Director UNESCO, Mr. Shiguru Aoyagi on the 5th UNESCO Resolution

This morning Auroville was honored by the visit of Director UNESCO, New Delhi
Mr. Shiguru Aoyagi, who among other held a session  at Bhumika Hall about historical Auroville relations and the relevance of the 5th UNESCO Resolution.
The Secretary of Auroville Foundation Mr. Chunkath addressed the gathered members of the community, and AVI centers. Mr. Shiguru Aoyagi shared words on the importance of the 5th UNESCO Resolution regarding Auroville, which was accepted on 13th of November 2017 . Mr. Shiguru Aoyagi sees Auroville as important link, and part of development with its ideals, projects, and educational system.
After sharing of Aster Patel, Jurgen, and Frederick, the audience had a chance to interact with Mr. Shiguru Aoyagi, who was happily answering the practical, and other  questions. From AVI Germany Frederike noted that Auroville does offer valuable experience to young German volunteers, and asked how could UNESCO further foster the development of International Zone by collaborating with AVI centers in respective countries.