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DISCOVERING INTEGRAL YOGA: A conversation between a Newcomer and and Old-timer (Episode 4)

They did it yet again for the fourth time. See if you missed the first one on November 14. Episode 2 is another spontaneous event between these two friends. Monique is joining Auroville now and B (Sullivan) came in 1974. For more bio on these two, please see the program notes for episode 1. In episode 2 the focus is more on how to ground the Integral Yoga into daily life in Auroville. They include the latest challenge for the Township which a few days before evoked the largest general meeting of the community in decades .In episode 3 they included in the conversation Dr. Andrea Paige (Andi) who is an amazing ambassador for Auroville worldwide with her work to bring a living universal yoga of health and transformation to all. Now in episode 4, Dr. Suryamayi Clarence-Smith, born and brought up in Auroville and just back with her new PhD on the subject of the “city” itself, shares her remarkable insights about the realities of Auroville. Monique and B are enjoying this approach to learning and you can reach either of them for your comments at or