Photographer:Lucrezia Fassi | From left: Edo, Saga, Parnika, Ray and Divij Photographer:Lucrezia Fassi | Ray on bass Photographer:Lucrezia Fassi | Divij Photographer:Lucrezia Fassi | Edo Photographer:Lucrezia Fassi | Parnika
04 Oct / 2017Program by:

Divij band at Kalabhumi

The second act of the night starred singer Divij, hailing from Jaipur Rajastan and classically trained in vocals, playing western tunes accompanied by Ray (bass), Saga (drums) and Edo (electric guitar). The band performed 5 songs covering pop, folk, funk and rock-blues. Parnika and Guendaline joined the band and offered a great backup singing to 2015 hit parade track “Uptown Funk”. Blues rendition of “Unchain My Heart” spiked with rock grooves delivering an energetic finale to its crowed.


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