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10 Nov / 2018Program by:
Featured: VivekLanguage: English

Diwali Celebrations at Bharat Nivas

On the night of 5th November, 2018 Bharat Nivas Auditorum was lighted up by the celebration hosted by the Aurosangamam team for Diwali. The nine different cultural programs performed by the children of Auroville was astounding, the programs by different groups ranged from a mime on saving water to classical Indian dances exploring different concepts of Indian Puranas to hip hop & bollywood dances. The complex yet uniform acts were marvellous to all the eyes. The participants of the performance was able to relive the spirit of Diwali and also brought light into the hearts of people serving the true purpose of Diwali.
The interview with Selvaraj from the Aurosangamam team helps us to realize the efforts of the host in bringing a vision of the Diwali celebrations at Auroville into reality. Attendees also express their joyous feelings towards the coming together of Auroville at Bharat Nivas for the festival of light.
The Solar Kitchen hosted the dinner for the event, and also the people were treated to an amazing fireworks display.