Photographer:S. Praneeth Simon | The New Archives Building at the Town Hall. Photographer:S. Praneeth Simon | Dr. Karan Singh at the inaugral of the New Archives Building. Photographer:S. Praneeth Simon | The archive room. Photographer:S. Praneeth Simon | Some of the archive material plaves for display. Photographer:S. Praneeth Simon | Dr. Karan Singh interacting with the guests in the Achives Building.
01 Mar / 2018Program by:

Dr. Karan Singh inaugurates New Archives Building in Town Hall

The New Archives Building was inaugurated by Dr. Karan Singh, the Chairman of Auroville Foundation here on Monday.

The new building preserves all available important papers, letters, photos and audio/visual material relating to Auroville’s founding and subsequent development. The archive has a proper storage space for all paper documents and audio visual files. The archives mostly has a collection of Sri Aurobindo, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Auroville, and The Mother’s photographs.