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16 May / 2011Program by:

Each One Teach One

By creating an inclusive environment in which no borders hinder the empowerment of young personalities, Each One Teach One facilitate processes, which illuminates space for self-discovery. With Hip Hop artists and musicians around the world, Anne, Dj Phax and Co., focus on bringing people together by overcoming language barriers and connecting learners through the love and the power of music and dance. People of various ages, social and cultural backgrounds are brought together and given the opportunity to express their passion and talent via a peaceful and inspiring channel. Learning processes are interactive, embracing various personalities and needs, thus encouraging positive vibes for positive development.Realizing ones own potential and others internal wealth,…

will more than just likely awaken strong sense of hope and confidence into what the future holds. And this sense of hope is visible in Each One Teach One shows and performances, which are beyond entertainment, but rather tools for communicating critical social and environmental issues with the greater community.And not long ago, on Sunday April 24th, Each One Teach One in collaboration with the Auroville Institute of Applied Technology (AIAT) hosted such an event of diversity and integrity of European and Indian culture. Children of Mohanam Kindergarten and students of the Institute of Applied Technology and Auroville Village Action Group, the artist Bogna Jaroslawski and dancer Grazyna Jaroslawski all got together and created an unforgettable moment for many parents and friends in the audience.
The multicultural sounds of the celebration were supplied by DJ Phax Mulder before being translated into forms and shapes by the colorful performances and cheering crowd.
Students also took the opportunity to present their hand stitched purses, pillow covers, their self-made bamboo jewellery and bamboo charcoal soap. Included in the exhibition were a racing car, an air jet, masks and various abstract artifacts made of computer scraps and domestic waste inviting visitors to re-conceptualize their notion of waste. With creativity and an open mind we may be able to free ourselves from the construction and production of waste and re-discover resources from to produce timeless and sustainable artifacts.