Photographer:marlenka | jean marc in his kitchen Photographer:marlenka | cook's helper cafe le morgan Photographer:marlenka | workers of le morgan
28 Sep / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Eating Gourmet Food

Listen to Jean-Marc , chef extraordinaire of Cafe le Morgan, in Town Hall plaza, tell about his offer of a 5-day plan for dinners during the Film Festival.Tomorrow opens Aurovilles second Film Festival, running 5 consecutive days; 3 venues: Cinema Paradiso, Bharat Nivas and Sadhana. Tomorrow a General Meeting 4:30 SAWCHU: Complete Review of the AVC and WC selection process. Talkin’ Trash offers another bit on plastic. The Selection Committee presents an update.

Only God Absolute has the absolute eternity. Yet when one goes within, one sees that all things are secretly eternal; there is no end, neither was there ever a beginning. Sri Aurobindo Aphorisms