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CAT Progressive Integral Economy

The CAT team commenced the program with a brief presentation about 'Progressive Integral economy' where they emphasized on the need for a self-sustainable economic model for Auroville, to make the pre-existing system function efficiently and also to promote consumption of local produce by the residents/guests.This would increase the economic value of auroville where there would be lesser dependency on external resources and thus to enable units serve the customers well with internal support. It was followed by 3-tables group discussion depending on interest level of the participants. The recording also covers a short question & answer session. Thanks to the CAT team for their brilliant ideas, dedication and efforts. We wish them best of luck for all their future endeavors

FAMC quaterly presentation

As per the new mandate, the FAMC must take initiative to meet with the community every 3 months and make a presentation of situations. This is was the very first such a kind of presentation. The presentation was conducted by Angelo, Chandresh, Lyle, Shaoli, Ayesha, Yuval, Amy, Ulli, Prabhu and Bindu (was out of station). The new FAMC team declared to the community what has been its objective for the past few months since it has taken charge. 1. Increase transparency and accountability, 2. Increase accessibility to DATA related to assets and finances, 3. To improve the efficiency in use of Collective wealth 4. To review and improve the maintenance system The new mandate given to the FAMC seems like a challenging one to which the new team is working diligently towards, but has made a suggestion to create a transition period for new teams to come into work given them time to understand each other as a group and also the the work set upon them this will save the team and the community huge amount of time and energy.

Comments: 0 Date: 06 Oct 2017

The After Meeting Debate: GST

After the presentation at Unity Pavilion on GST held by CA. Rajendra Kumar P, (a practicing chartered accountant and senior partner of Sanjiv Shah & Associates, Chartered Accountants, Chennai, who is the Head-Indirect Taxation Practice of the firm) we stop some residents and ask their opinion about the new Goods and Service Tax for Auroville.

Pottery with Supriya Menon

Through talks with Supriya, a ceramic artist, we get to know about herself, her studio and her arrival to the city of dawn.
Pottery is the craft of making ceramic materials into pots or Potterywares, one of the oldest occupations of humankind that involves physical, mental and spiritual activity which can give one great pleasure to give shape to clay and birth of a new life with the help of a wheel and a kiln.

Felabration 2017

Fela Anikulapo Kuti would be 79 years old 15th of October, if had he not died from complications of AIDS in 1997. As the inventor of the enduring and influential Afrobeat music style, the composer of an enormous body of music, and one of the bravest political voices in 20th century African music. A powerful new generation of Nigerian musicians has emerged in that time, and the music they now champion has been dubbed “Afrobeats,” an appropriation of the name Fela gave his original sound during its heyday. The youngest artists on the scene today have no direct memory of Fela, though his legacy is impossible to escape. In this program, we hear from current day Nigerians from multiple generations and genres—fuji, juju, hip-hop (Afrobeats) and highlife—on how they remember this musical giant, and how they reckon with his complex and challenging legacy.

Skales - Temper ft Burna Boy
WizKid - Sweet Love
Falz - 1, 2, 3 (feat. Oyinkansola)
WizKid Feat. Femi Kuti - Jaiye Jaiye
P-Square-Zombie Ft Jermaine Jackson
Burna Boy - Boom Boom Boom ProdBy LeriQ
Dremo - Fela
Sarkodie - Dumsor
Wierd MC - Palava
Seyi Sodimu - Fela
Tiwa Savage - Fela Interlude
Oritsefemi - Double Wahala
Tekno - Rara
Fela Kuti - Sorrow Tears & Blood
Fela Kuti - Black Man's cry

CAT – ‘ Exploring Prosperity ‘

5th Sept 2017 - CAT - ' Exploring Prosperity ' Auroville is approaching a landmark date, 50 years of existence. This is a wonderful opportunity to come together and celebrate our unity and resilience but is an even bigger chance for us to go into an introspection of where we are and what should be our route map for the future. A group of Aurovillians have taken up the challenge to address core issues in Auroville, in areas regarding Human resource, services, commercial units, farms & forest, education, fixed assets and self governance. The core team comprising of Pashi, Umberto, Luigi, Joseba and Giacomo with a support group of Anandi, Mita, Srimoyi, Rita, Paulette, Jaya, Romel and Mimansha. Listen to the meeting as Pashi and group explore deeply into the Mother's actual original plan with facts and figures for developing Auroville - A city the earth needs. The group identifies itself as 'exploring prosperity' and can be contacted at . this is an open group and is open to all ideas related to steering Auroville onto a sturdy path progress and collective prosperity.

Comments: 0 Date: 11 Sep 2017

Acres for Auroville

After three successful years, Acres for Auroville stepped into the 4th phase of its journey today on the 15th August, the auspicious day of the Independence Day of India and the birthday of Sri Aurobindo. We had a presentation for the Auroville's 50th birthday shown along with a healthy discussion amongst the Aurovillians and Aryadeep, Mandakini(who was available on Skype), Sigrid, Marco and Priya, on the land of Auroville.

Check out more on

Auroville Papers

Much more than paper, Auroville Papers is a unit that works as a team where there is no hierarchy, but only friendship and sharing of creativity and responsibility. They work in true Auroville spirit.
This is one of the units that started in the early times when conditions were difficult, but nevertheless in time they have expanded and improved their work.
With the recent change of economy, Auroville Papers had to adapt, and this pushed the team to be more innovative. Now not only do they produce aesthetic stationery, but they have also extended their repertoire to include all sorts of handicrafts, such as: earrings, door screens, a large variety of decorative items, and also some art work. One item that particularly caught my eye was a beautiful sculpture of a white unicorn (see our video on I felt like I had just walked into an art gallery rather than a paper factory.
Because of the economic change Luisa remarked that we cannot be passive. We always need to be challenged in life if we want to keep ourselves well and active, and stay awaken. It is a work of challenges and creativity says Jean Jaques.
These words reminded me that “all life is Yoga”.

At the interview we have Jean Jaques, Herve',and Luisa

Art Break 2017 5th Anniversary

Listen to interviews from this year's Art Break coordinated by Auroville's own Art Therapist Krupa. She has created a wonderful space and opportunity for visitors and Aurovillians, family and strangers, children and parents to leave their mark on Auroville.

Presentation on GST

Mr. Rajendra Kumar P, an expert on GST from Chennai shared his insights at Unity Pavillion.

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