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Photographer:Namoi and Ahilya | Transition Students Photographer:Namoi and Ahilya | Tara answering questions Photographer:Namoi and Ahilya | Ayesha being interviewed Photographer:Namoi and Ahilya | Jonas thinking of what to say Photographer:Namoi and Ahilya | The girls together Photographer:Namoi and Ahilya | Kiran giving his view Photographer:Namoi and Ahilya | Transition dining room

Education: How our youth sees it

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The schooling in Auroville has always been very different to “mainstream” or “normal” schooling that goes on in the rest of the world. The following are the views of the students of Auroville on this particular topic. First we went to Transition school and asked some of the 8th graders what they thought about their schooling. Their answers varied but they all came up with the same conclusion. Next we visited Last School and interviewed a student who had been to many different schools.

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15 Jul / 2014

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Transition Students
Tara answering questions
Ayesha being interviewed
Jonas thinking of what to say
The girls together
Kiran giving his view
Transition dining room