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Category Archives: Integral Education

Pioneers of Humanity

Jean Fracois Noubel made a presentation on the 8th of January at the MMC. "Today many humans follow the perilous journey of inner transformation and awakening. They want to build a society that embodies the consciousness that animates them, hence they invest themselves in pioneering projects like new cities, new enterprises, new collectives. New vessels get rigged to reach the shores of the next humanity. We already know a certain number of things about this new world. Some have reached the shores a long time ago and have lived there.

They brought their witnessing and their experience, they made maps. However, no society has yet totally engaged with this almost virgin world, and no civilisation has yet flourished. The big migration awaits us, it has already begun. Aurovilians have placed all their force in it. One may have reached the experience of the liberated soul operating in the person, but how to build societies out of this shift. Just like the early aviators who, after their first instinctive flights, needed a precise science --aeronautics--, todays humanity pioneers need to practice techniques and disciplines that empower us. After the knowledge of building physical infrastructure, we want to acquire the knowledge of social engineering. Collective intelligence has this role; it offers tools, methodologies, a language, and the capacity to ask generative questions for navigating the collective vessel. We explored these questions during our meeting. What forms of collective intelligence exist in the world? How can we use them wisely? Does ego operate as the main and unique real obstacle? What relationship do we build with ourselves, the body, the others, the collective? What economy? What technologies? What methodologies? What language?" ---- Biography : Jean-Franois Noubel lives as a researcher and adventurer. As a researcher, he founded CIRI -- the Collective Intelligence Research Institute -- in charge of scientific research for this new discipline, and its practical application through technology and methodology. As an adventurer, he travels the planet to meet, learn and exchange with people, the world and nature. Always wondering how tomorrows Human will live his outer and inner life, Jean-Franois sees himself as his own primary research lab, which has lead to adopting a lifestyle that may seem sometimes quirky to his contemporary fellows. He always enjoys sharing his learnings, the joys and the sorrows, the successes and the failures. Jean-Franois has notably chosen to live in the gift economy.

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Jan 2013

Joan's Grace at Transition

I just went to Transition School to make a short interview of Joan. He is the ATB class teacher ( Awareness Through the Body ). He talks about his time in this school as a teacher. and also a bit about his life unrelated to school work. He began working in Transition School in 1992 in the month of July, which means it has been exactly twenty years now! He is considered the an important teacher in Transition by the students and it would be terrible if he was to leave Transition School.

Comments: 0 Date: 10 Jul 2012

Pionniers d`humanite

Jean-Franois Noubel a une vie de chercheur et daventurier. Chercheur, il a fond le CIRI -- Collective Intelligence Research Institute -- en charge de la recherche scientifique de cette nouvelle discipline, et de ses applications pratiques autant par le levier des technologies que des mthodologies. Aventurier, il parcourt la plante pour rencontrer, apprendre et changer avec les Hommes, le monde et la nature. Se demandant toujours comment vivra et se vivra lHomme de demain.

Beaucoup dhumains sengagent aujourdhui dans la prilleuse aventure de la transformation intrieure et de lveil. Cherchant construire une socit qui incarne la conscience qui les anime, ils sinvestissent dans des projets pionniers de nouvelles cits, de nouvelles entreprises, de nouveaux collectifs, vritables vaisseaux grs pour atteindre les rivages de la prochaine humanit. On en sait dj un certain nombre de choses, de ce nouveau monde. Certains en ont atteint le rivage voici longtemps et y ont vcu. Ils ont apport leur tmoignage et leur exprience, ils ont dress des cartes. Pour autant, aucune socit toute entire na encore investi ce monde encore pratiquement vierge, aucune civilisation ny a encore grandi. La grande migration nous attend, elle a dj commenc. Les auroviliens y ont mis toutes leurs forces.Tout comme les pionniers aviateurs qui, aprs leurs premiers vols empiriques, eurent besoin dune science prcise -- laronautique-- les pionniers dhumanit daujourdhui ont besoin dune nouvelle science, celle dingnierie sociale. Voil le rle de lintelligence collective, qui nous offre des outils, des mthodes, un langage, et une capacit nous poser les questions qui permettent de naviguer.Durant cette confrence, nous allons survoler ces questions ensemble. Quelles grandes formes dintelligence collective existent ? Comment les utiliser bon escient ? Lego constitue-t-il le seul et unique frein ? Quel rapport soi, au corps, lautre, au collectif ? Quelles conomies ? Quelles technologies ? Quelles mthodologies ? Quel langage ? [ Texte: Claude Jouen ]

Comments: 0 Date: 31 Dec 2012

Living Routes Auroville

Living Routes is a university accredited study abroad program in sustainability studies. By offering students the opportunity to actively live and study in communities across the globe that are striving to live more ethical, just and sustainable lifestyles, Living Routes provides students with ideal campuses to learn and experience personal and community-based solutions to real world issues. After more than 12 years in Auroville, Living Routes Auroville - Integral Sustainability continues to be a strong presence within the Auroville community.

I took the opportunity to interview some of this year's Living Routes participants about their perceptions of the program. After a decent amount of time spent building a relationship with the Auroville community, I was curious to see how much of an impact Auroville has had on students thus far.

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Feb 2012

Integral Consciousness workshop

Bahman A. K. Shirazi is former director of graduate studies at California Institute of Integral Studies(CIIS). He has been actively affiliated with that organisation since 1983. His doctoral dissertation, "Self in Integral Psychology" was the first of its kind in the field of integral psychology. He came to share with us part of his personal background ,in his quest for joy and happiness , and mainly spoke about integral consciousness and the history and organisation of of the CIIS.

Since 1983, Bahman A.K. Shirazi, Ph.D., has been actively affiliated with the California Institute of Integral Studies, a private non-profit institution of higher education founded and based on the integral vision of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. CIIS was founded by Haridas and Bina Chaudhuri and is located in San Francisco, California. Bahman's primary interests are in the fields of integral psychology and methodology, in which he has taught courses in the past few years. Bahman is also currently an adjunct faculty member at John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, California, and Dominican College of San Rafael, California Bahman's doctoral dissertation, titled Self in Integral Psychology, is the first doctoral dissertation in the nascent field of integral psychology. Drawing on the original approach of Haridas Chaudhuri to the field, Bahman's primary focus is on a general integrative approach to the field of psychology, creating the foundations for a complete psychology of body-mind-spirit, with the cardinal goal of developing insights into the nature of human psychospiritual development and the process of integral self-realization. (source : Wikipedia)

Comments: 0 Date: 28 Dec 2012
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