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Category Archives: Research

Jean-Francois Noubel

Jean-Francois Noubel explore dans cette conférence enregistrée le 20 décembre les chemins qui s’ouvrent vers le Changement qui nous fait passer du Je au Nous.
Il nous démontre d’une manière lumineuse les architectures invisibles qui ont bâti nos civilisations et nos comportements.
Il nous montre quelques pistes possibles comme celui du language ou celui du corps et nous questionne surtout sur nous-même en profondeur.

Comments: 1 Date: 22 Dec 2014

Accessible Networks

What is NREN - National Research and Educational Networks, what does it do and how is that connected to Auroville? were questions asked Stefan Listrom. As he told us NREN have been founded about 30 years ago but in last decade became more active.Stefan will present his work on Tuesday 7th of August at 3.45pm at Conference Room in Town Hall with the talk on Collaboration in Research and Education. Team of NREN is driven by making a better future, better world where information and education are available to all via network with its conectivity

Comments: 0 Date: 02 Aug 2012

Bamboo Open House

Last Saturday's Open House at Auroville Bamboo Research Centre thre was a chance to see on display almost everything about bamboo. With its versatile qualities, practical and artistic aspects, bamboo does inspire almost anybody who makes contact with it. In comparison with last year the progress at Bamboo Research Centre is clearly visible. The whole area is vibrant with new and rejuvenating energies, and smiling faces are all around. We talked shortly with Balu and Walter about the World Bamboo Day celebrations and about the Centre.

Comments: 0 Date: 10 Sep 2011

AV Integral Sustainable Institut

A new initiative aligning with the time-Auroville Intergral Sustainability Institute, and following is interesting interview with Lalit on it. Institute is intended to evolve as a platform which would work towards bringing various interlinked branches of "integral sustainability" together through documentation, research, information, dissemination and publication. Suitable collaborative associations are expected to develop with other activities, institutes, centers and individuals. They hope that Institute will play a role in further education.

Interested persons & activities with ideas & enquiries in this domain & related areas are welcome to contact for exploration & collaborative work. Please write to Lalit, Coordinator, Auroville Integral Sustainability Institute. Email - '

Comments: 0 Date: 26 Nov 2012

Awareness of Conectedness

After almost two years of intensive research and study David Stein yesterday presented a Green Belt Plan - Draft . That plan should help us to deal with issues relating to land use, encroachment and the role of the green belt to water in Auroville and the bio region. In his presentation David Stein indeed emphasized awareness of interconnectedness, and vital role of water. Water sources should be preserved and kept in the area by proper measurements to supply Auroville and its bio region. Numerous questions followed the presentation.

Comments: 0 Date: 02 Aug 2012

La Controverse du Sida

Bien que ceux-ci ne remettent pas en cause les recommandations de prudence bien connues, un nombre grandissant de scientifiques et de professionnels nous appellent jeter un regard diffrent sur le sida. Lhistoire rvise de la dcouverte du VIH ressemble un roman policier et de nombreux aspects du problme semblent malheureusement tre trop guids par des intrts financiers inacceptables et dangereux. Un sujet difficile mais que lon ne devrait pas occulter.

Comments: 0 Date: 25 Aug 2012

Pole Artists on Mission Auroville

Opening presentation on 'Mission Auroville': an experiment in cultural geography by 6 Polish artists who are visiting Auroville for 2 months. Vocabulary of culture texts produced in Poland often deals with questions on historical and personal fears and mishappenings. The project aims at confronting these kinds of attitudes with utopian, optimistic and future-oriented reality of Auroville. The project is a colaboration between Museum of Art in Lodz and Kala Kendra Gallery with support from Goldex Poldex and the Adam Mickiewicz Insitute.

The artists will also be exhibiting their work and experiences in Auroville on 5th March in Gallery Square Circle, Kala Kendra. The presentation will focus on values and ideas behind their practice. Participating artists are Marta Deskur Tomek Kowalski Agnieszka Polska Daniel Rumiancew Andrzej Szpindler Monika Zawadzki. More information on' '

Comments: 0 Date: 30 Jan 2012