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Category Archives: Savitri Bhavan

Since December 2008 a group of Aurovilians have been meeting weekly at Savitri Bhavan for group study of Sri Aurobindos major philosophical work. In 1913, Sri Aurobindo noted that part of his mission was to restate the truths of the Veda and Vedanta in terms accessible to the modern mind. In The Life Divine the ancient truths, illumined by his own experience, are made accessible to the human reason and shown to be the foundation for his affirmative vision of the evolutionary process and the significance of our individual existence on earth.

By December 2010 the group had reached the last chapter of Book One. Introducing it, Shraddhavan gave a brief overview of the previous 27 chapters. (Duration 58 minutes)

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Dec 2010