Photographer: | Mishko M'Ba and Krishna Photographer: | Suresh Bascara, Mishko M'Ba, Krishna, Karthick Iyer

Emergence on Lively

Hosting Lively Up Your Earth eco – music festival for the second time in Solitude Farm with numerous stalls of products ecologicaly oriented, gadgets for children, food and lots of music brought community and more together almost a month after the natural catastrophe of Thane. Emergence as the hosting band came up on stage the last, and late. Solids songs of world music and poetic rock, reflecting the uniqueness of city life in Auroville and life of members of the band kept the audience on their toes. Thanks for excellent sound to Joel and team

THIS IS A NEW RECORDING FROM JOELS MIXING DESK AND MASTERED BY HIM, OF THE LIVELY UP YOUR EARTH ECO MUSIC FESTIVAL. Krishna Mckenzie (lead singer and guitarist), Mishko Mba (bassist), Suresh Bascara (drums), and Karthick Iyer (violinist and vocalist)

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