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16 May / 2011Program by:
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Entry Process Shared

Today the news features Auroville’s Entry Service. This dedicated team acts under the Residents’ Assembly through the Working Committee. Here is part one of three parts from their annual report, which somewhat clarifies the process involved in the beginning steps towards Aurovilian status. While there are only 7 Aurovilians who have volunteered to take up the daunting task of screening applicants, actually the newcomer process involves many people in the community: the newcomer’s contact person, people through service/work or residence or other community activities. The entire update can be read in Newsand Notes.

from Sri Aurobindo: I should love my neighbour not because he is neighbourhood, for what is there in neighbourhood and distance? Nor because the religions tell me he is my brother, for where is the root of that brotherhood ? I should love him because he is myself.