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Category Archives: Ecology Awareness

Mr Bhaskaran Rao the activist

Mr Rao is the founder of the Center of Media Studies, shares his tireless and dynamic messages as an environmental and social activist. Auroville and Pondicherry are hosting the CMS Vatavaran (environmental) Film Festival where they engage the youth with professionals, educational institutions and Governments to share and empower responsibility and actions for the environment. In this interview he shares the passion. The 2014 CMS VATAVARAN theme was mainstreaming biodiversity conservation at different levels to promote living in harmony with nature.

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Oct 2014

Repos, Our Beach

Past few years the battle to preserve our dear Repos beach community were intense. Still, due to bad erosion which would require involvement also from Tamil Nadu authorities, most of the houses are sunk . For few past week enthusiastic Aurovilians are trying at least to bring back the spirit of Sunday Repos, know as our day of rest, socializing with friends and neighbors...some good food...In short interviews with Boomi, Tina and Kumaran we find out what are their intentions, plans, hopes for the future. Yesterday feeling was nice, lively..

Comments: 0 Date: 27 Jul 2014

Bliss Forest Walk

Surrounding the Youth Centre and north of Town Hall is Bliss Forest, home to porcupines and many birds. Early on Sunday morning we were led by the Bliss steward Dominik on a walk through the forest. The area faces its own share of road controversies as Aurovilians work out how best to continue building the city. Which should take precedent of the galaxy plan, Master Plan, or existing features is a perennial question. As we walked we learned a bit about the biodiversity of the place, and efforts to clear the wood brought down by Cyclone Thane.

Comments: 0 Date: 21 Apr 2013

Liveyl Up Your Earth 2013

Eco - music festival Lively Up Your Earth is due next year in the beginning of February. In comparison to last two years, Krishna and Andrea have decided to start with the organizational work way before than last years. In conversation with them we can hear how they see it, what and who is needed in order to provide such a pleasant, yet educational, and more than anything else fun event for all of us with emphasis on music and organic - permaculture farming. What can we expect this year?... maybe YOU can be and active part of it'

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Comments: 0 Date: 29 Nov 2012

Do It Now – Climate Change

Sing for Climate at Solar Kitchen yesterday at lunch time. Second attempt to remind the community to sing along at Auroville Singing Festival on 11th of October where we will join the global initiative to voice our support for the climate. Auroville would be the first to participate in this campaign (which has started two years back in Belgium) sing for the climate in India. "Do it now" by Bella Ciao We need to wake up We need to wise up We need to open our eyes And we need to do it no! We need to build a better future And we need to start right now.....

Comments: 0 Date: 28 Sep 2014

3 portraits for one audio book

Ahelia, a 14 year old Last School student, Yam, a 10 year old TLC student, and Jesse, a theater teacher and actor, share a passion for the theater. Here they talk about their lives in Auroville. Some extracts from their new performance, an audio book based on The Water Book, Jalam and Savita's Big Voyage, are given together with the interviews. Written by Sandrine, it is a marvelous journey with the spirit of water, named Jalam and played by Jesse, together with two Indian children. Savita is played by Ahelia and Sindhu is played by Yam.

They travel through the ecosystem, and specifically the water cycle, in a compassionate story of friendship and collaboration with nature. Jalam shows the children many wonders of nature, explains scientific facts and new discoveries, and the mismanagement done by humans. He also gives clues on how to restore harmony. The paper version of the Water Book is illustrated by Emanuele and is available in four languages: English, French, Tamil, and Italian. The complete audio version will be available soon. Contact A Lilaloka project, with special thanks to Ahelia, Jesse and Yam, as well as to Andrea (AV radio) and Nadaka, for the music. '

Comments: 0 Date: 18 Nov 2013

Eco Earth Day TEDx Talks

This morning at Conference Room in Town Hall we had a chance to listen to some interesting short talks with its common thread on ecology awareness. The opening session was with Cesare who shared with us some points of Open Source Hardware in relation to the local community or DIY ( Do It Yourself). Followe by Snehal talking on Kitchen Gardens or why we should grow food everywhere. Deoyani Sarkhot emphasized versatile usage of charcoal and which benefits it can bring to the soil. First part was concluded with Kathy on health and environment.

Comments: 0 Date: 20 Apr 2013

Where, How to Dispose Our Sludge

Yesterday's General Meeting to discuss sludge disposal put light on some old, temporary solutions, some new solutions found in the world. Margarita, an expert in biotechnology, and who works with probiotics, shared with us some examples on how to treat sludge from waste water. Shocking was a report of toxicity of our sludge which is, although we try to be aware, still high with chemical commonly used in our households. Beside progress report by Auroville Council, we heard also Tom and Bindu.

Comments: 0 Date: 11 Sep 2014

ANGIRAS Indian alumni convention

ANGIRAS stands for the Network of Indian Alumni from German Universities for Sustainable Solutions, which is a registered not-for-profit organization initiated by the Indian alumni graduated from the German Universities. Yesterday morning at the Unity pavilion in International Zone, they started their 2013 Indian convention by a short speech of Mr. Bala Baskar, Secretary of Auroville Foundation, then Franziska of DAAD, the German Academic exchange service, presented her organization.

She was followed by Dr Bernd Moeller of Flenswburg university who introduced his mapping work. Next, Mona and Arun spoke of ANGIRAS and Ganes. The keynote address, on the integration of rural-urban development, was given by Dr. Brahmanand Mohanty, Director of Center for Science and Environment.' '

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Oct 2013

Medicinal Plants at Sapney Farm

Many of the plants growing naturally all around us have healing properties. As part of the Earth Day program of events we were invited to Sapney Farm to learn about using medicinal plants. Listen to Elumalai describe the properties of plants from brahmi to hibiscus. What natural preparations can we use for fever, wounds or insect bites? How can we plan and care for an herbal garden? Then hear Sara, long-term volunteer working on her Permaculture diploma, describe some of the Permaculture principles being practiced at Sapney Farm.

Comments: 0 Date: 20 Apr 2013