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Category Archives: Environment

Adhi speaks about Botanical Garden

Adhi, born in Edayanchavadi, works in the Botanical Garden, which aims to educate people about local plants and how they remain green even in the dry conditions. He has introduced the use of native species in Auroville rather than exotic plants which need lots of water and maintenance. Local children from 150 government schools in the region come to the botanical garden and are taught about the nursery and alternative energy, plant trees and are encouraged to take plants home to create gardens. There are also attempts to produce and conserve seeds of native Indian vegetables – original heritage seed independent of commercial genetically-modified seed.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 Oct 2008

Lucas talks about EcoPro

Effective micro-organisms (EM) technology is a liquid mix of microbes developed in Japan, which promotes vigorous plant growth, producing better agricultural crops. It can also be used to manage organic waste, even sewerage and polluted water bodies, reducing smells and controlling rotting. He is promoting the use of EM in waste management across Tamil Nadu as well as in Auroville, where people use it in their houses as well as in farms. Although academics are still skeptical, those using EM are convinced. “In the end, a solid waste management facility depends on skillful management and very little technology and very simple infrastructure,” he says.

Comments: 0 Date: 02 Oct 2008

Una Tierra creada por Niños

La entrevista de esta semana es con la joven pareja Thiago y Ana, que nos cuentan su trabajo en Auroville: desarrollar el proyecto Tierra de Nios – Creadores de Esperanza. En esta charla nos hablan del programa, cual el objetivo y los valores que buscan compartir con los participantes del proyecto. Nos explican como integrar la espiritualidad en la educacion y cuales son las actividades practicas que los nios desarrollan para crear su propia Tierra.

Comments: 0 Date: 22 Jan 2008

About renewable energies and recycling

Gilles G, one of the founders of Solar Kitchen, talks about using the sun to produce steam to power a canteen to cater for up to 1,000 people. The system is still a hybrid, with diesel used to supplement sunshine, but previous diesel consumption has been cut by more than 30 percent.Robi from Aureka also talks about the production of wind pumps and their use in the green belt where the ban on electricity and diesel forces people to go for alternatives. And Gillian, coordinator of the waste collection service Ecoservice, speaks of attempts to avoid landfill, and to establish recycling – getting inspired help from local people who, for example, pointed out that things such as toothbrushes can be recycled.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 Oct 2008

Punto de Convergencia

En la comunidad de Evergreen, han “convergido” diferentes personas con una misma inquietud,' conocerse mas profundamente y encontrar juntos nuevas ideas e innovaciones que puedan mejorar el mundo social y ecologicamente. Punto de convergencia es el nombre de este nuevo proyecto, su proposito, explorar y responder a profundas cuestiones sobre la situacion actual y nuestro medio ambiente, alcanzando un cambio fundamental en la conciencia, las actitudes y los comportamientos.

The point of convergence. A way of learning. At Convergence we explore, through deep questioning, both the bigger picture and the fundamental root causes of our current global environmental reality. The aim is to reach a level of fundamental change in attitudes, behaviors and awareness.

Comments: 0 Date: 19 Aug 2008

Build Your Own House!

With a background in carpentry and now architecture, Regina built her own house using mostly sustainable products like mud, coconut fiber, red earth, stone, and bamboo. Are you worried about earthquakes or termites attacking your house?' From the first layer of red earth to the woven roof, Regina will tell you how she built her own house. Listen to the following program for Regina's step-by-step guide to build your own earth-sourced house. Regina also offers personal consultation to dedicated builders.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 Oct 2008

Uma verdadeira irmandade

To deepen the relationship between Auroville and Campinas and to create new programs together, came to Auroville the official representative of the Secretariat of International Cooperation of Campinas, Giovana Lima. Enjoy the interview in Portuguese and in English. Conhea a irmandade entre Auroville e Campinas e os projetos a serem desenvolvidos em parceria entre as duas cidades irms na entrevista com Giovana Lima, representante oficial da Secretaria da Cooperao da Prefeitura de Campinas. You can download the presentation by clicking here.

Comments: 0 Date: 06 May 2008
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