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Category Archives: Waste

Environmental Concerns

Over the past 7 years Aurovillians have been having problems with the smoke and fumes coming from the Karuvadikuppam dump site located just 3 km outside Auroville. None of the waste has been segregated which make the management extremely difficult. In order to take up this issue with the local government Renu and Bindu has taken action by asking Igor to send a lab technician to take soil and water samples for testing. The place stinks for miles around making the life in some villages and Auroville's communities unbearable.

The gypsy community that has been living next to the dump site have been setting it alight to have easier access to the metals which they sell. The result of these samples should be available in 10 days. --- ---

Comments: 0 Date: 03 Jan 2013


Puducherry Municipal Services Private Limiteds Chief Operating officer Lt. Col. C. P. Prem Vas and Public Relations officer Mr. Sridhar made a presentation at Town Hall about waste management. At the southern border of Auroville, a huge dump site effects the life of the residents of Auroville and nearby villages. The open field dump pollutes the air, due to the low grade combustion of the waste. This dangerous practice produces many air Pollutants such as dioxin, a chemical product extremely dangerous to humans and animals. Download the pdf

Additionally various chemical elements leach into the aquifer. Auroville has been addressing this issue for many years; a group of Aurovilians continuously dililgently work to make Puducherrys concerned bodies and organizations aware of this pollution. Todays meeting is a good starting point.

Comments: 0 Date: 21 Dec 2011

EcoPro's awareness campaign

The anti-waste organization from Auroville has been promoting responsible waste management for two years in Periyamudaliarchavadi (PMC), one of the small villages around Auroville. Last March 3rd, Niranjan Kumar and Ribhu Vohra held an exhibition for the local children, displaying the causes and effects of pollution through pictures and posters. Through this, they hope that the kids start to encourage their parents to treat waste more carefully. EcoPro also tries to increase awareness by painting walls with anti-litter messages.

After the exhibition, the kids participated in a drawing competition. In this program, Ribhu runs through the pictures displayed at the exhibition.

Comments: 0 Date: 05 Mar 2012

Pondicherry Dump Update

Since as far back as 2005, a group of Aurovillians have taken up an environmental activist campaign with the Pondicherry garbage control. The Pondicherry dump, located just 3 km outside of Auroville, is a smouldering wasteland where nearly 350 tons of garbage are dumped each day. The dump, which often catches fire because of the lack of waste sorting, causes a thick, grey cloud of toxic smoke. For Auroville, this low combustion incineration causes especially serious health and environmental issues because of its proximity to the dump site.

I took some time to sit in on a conversation between Bindu and Carel, two Aurovillians who play a lead role in the environmental activist campaign. In this interview, they discuss the realities of the Pondicherry dump, what has been accomplished with the campaign, and where they hope to see things for the future of Pondicherry's waste. - petition representation letter} - {pondicherry garbage control

Comments: 0 Date: 01 Mar 2012