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Feldenkrais Method radio programme – Session 1

Nur Bar-On is a certified teacher for the Feldenkrais Method. She taught in Israel, Germany and Portugal. In this program you can listen and practice one of her sessions.

The Feldenkrais Method of anatomical education uses gentle movement and directed attention to help students learn new and more effective ways of using their skeleton. It was developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, who was inspired with the way fish, reptiles and vertebrates move and mainly with the way human infants learn. In group lessons the student follow verbal instructions given by the teacher. In individual lessons gentle guidance through touch is the primary source of communication.

Nur says: “I fell in love with the Feldenkrais Method after working long years in the academy. I loved being a student but I was also aware of what happens to the body when it sits for so many hours without moving. Indeed I was paid for sitting. The Feldenkrais method doesn’t only keep the body fresh but, also our thinking organs and the ability to communicate and create intimacy. It gives us knowledge that lies in our body, waiting to be rediscovered. When I walk or ride on my bicycle and suddenly recognize some movement that I’ve learnt from Moshe, I’m always very excited. Today I’m interested in anatomy, movement and learning processes.”


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  • Archana Sekhar

    I attended some work periods with Nur at Verite and found them fantastic. They made me more aware of my body and it felt more flexible after the lesson.