Photographer:Julie | Happy Holi, the Festival of colors. Photographer:Julie | As soon as people arrive, they're plenty of colors. Photographer:Julie | A moment of conviviality. Photographer:Julie | Joy and laughter all together. Photographer:Julie | No need to be a kid to enjoy this moment. Photographer:Julie | Witness of a color-attack ! Photographer:Julie | Natural colors and amazing snack.
27 Mar / 2013Program by:
Featured: UmaLanguage: English

Festival of colors at Upasana

Like every year, Upasana Community celebrated Holi, the Colors Festival, on Wednesday 27th of March. In the North of India, it’s New Year, but everywhere else it’s also the beginning of summer. As soon as the guests arrived in Upasana, organizers and other participants threw on them colored powder. They even stopped motor bike on the road to make them join this joyful moment, full of harmless colors and laughter. People shared snack together, listened to music and danced in the garden. At the end of the afternoon, they even threw water !