Photographer:Lua | Auroville Film Festival13 at Town Hall - shamiana with food and music Photographer:Lua | Anungla, Doroth, Yung Sung - Flute Duet Photographer:Lua | Yam and Aran Photographer:Lua | Daniela Photographer:Lua | Ok' CD River at Night Photographer:Lua | Auroson taking picture of his art installation Photographer:Lua | Under Shamiana

Festival Spirits – Day 3

With so many art installations (which are keep appearing), every day live music and entertainment, with food and drinks this year Auroville Film Festival 13 again could be put at the side of those real international festivals around the world. Yesterday in the evening we had a chance to hear Flute Duet by Dorothy and Yun Sung, followed by father and son due of Yam and Aran. Daniele, despite her gentle voice and touch on guitar excited gathered, but Aloe and Tara, accompanied with Jana and Martin thrilled the crowd with their excellent voices.

daily screenings of films in different categories are going on on three locations at Town Hall – Conference Room , Cinema Paradiso, and in the evening outdoor screen