Photographer:Giorgio | From left: Paul, Wazo and Marco Photographer:Giorgio | From left: Doudou Di Photographer:Giorgio | The shows has started Photographer:Giorgio | Positive bubbles by Shohan Photographer:Giorgio | Sasi (Left) and Christoph preparing the screening of the short clips Photographer:Giorgio | Le Morgan restaurant has served a refreshment to all the participants Photographer:Giorgio | The arrangements in the Town Hall plaza
29 Sep / 2011Program by:

Film Festival Opening

Yesterday Auroville Film Festival 2011 opened to an enthusiastic crowd, midst music and bubble blowing, excited people obviously happy to meet and greet as last minute preparations took place on stage and behind stage. This is the recording of the full event… Paul, Wazo and Marco entertained the audience, introducing the theme of this festival, showing a few clips on-screen. This years festival is panning out to be bigger and better with 121 films scheduled to be shown. Click here to download the program (pdf).

The themes explored in the films are wide and varied; everything from Spirituality, life in Auroville, Human Unity and some times just plain entertainment.
The opening night was presented with an interesting mix of banter, interviews and comedy. The team of Wazo and Paul kept the audience engaged with sprightly chit chat and the necessary bits of profundity thrown in.
Some of the film festival judges were interviewed as well as Graham Rutt; the representative from One People Productions, who travelled from England to be present at the festival.
What was new at this years festival is the big tent, the festival ‘action station’ situated on the platform between town hall and Cinema Paradiso is where all of last night’s action took place.
The action station is also set to host live debates on the evenings of the 30th Sept and 1st & 2nd October on topics such as: ‘Filming Human Unity’, ‘I am, you are, we are film makers’ & ‘Film making-an incredible playground for kids’.
The events will be broadcast live on the AurovilleRadio streaming channel.
Cafe Le Morgan played their part by serving the gathered throng an eclectic menu of drinks and savouries. They also served dinner from a fixed menu of Veg or Non-Veg for movie goers from 7.00 pm onwards. And this dinner ritual is set to continue for the entire duration of the festival.
With screenings in three venues, 50 hours of films, three hours of live radio debates and good food this Auroville Film Festival opened with a bang and has something on offer for everyone.