Photographer:Eugenie Dumont | The police sees film maker Eugenie Dumont as a terrorist and arrests her. Photographer:Eugenie Dumont | Protests against the world's largest gas plant which was to be built on Aboriginal land in Australia. Photographer:Eugenie Dumont | United as one tribe, Aboriginees and Australians of European descent fight against the plant. Photographer:Eugenie Dumont | A land untouched by human. Photographer:Eugenie Dumont | The Goolarabooloo have lived on and protected the land over millenia.
24 Jan / 2017Program by:
Featured: Eugenie DumontLanguage: French

Film: Heritage Fight

The French movie director speaks about the making of her documentary Heritage Fight. It tells the story of the Australian Aboriginal tribe Goolarabooloo who fought against a company that intended to build the world’s largest gas plant on the land they have been living on and protecting over millenia. Through a tight knit community culture and the practice of dreaming as a collective the Goolarabooloo managed to defend their holy land against corporate interest and destruction. Heritage Fight will be screened on Saturday, January 28 at 5 pm at Cinema Paradiso. Eugenie Dumont, the French director of the movie, will be at the screening for a discussion afterwards.
The event was organized by the French Pavilion.