Photographer:Akshay | Mr. Murthy of Ayarpadi Farm Photographer:Akshay | The open fields of Ayarpadi Farm Photographer:Akshay | Paddy being grown at Ayarpadi Farm Photographer:Akshay | Mr. Murthy with his daughter working at Ayarpadi Farm Photographer:Akshay | Cows in their shed at Ayarpadi Farm
26 Sep / 2018Program by:

Find out how some of Auroville's best organic farmers are doing this season!

Mr. Juan of TerraSoul and Mr. Murthy of Ayarpadi are a couple of the important suppliers to Foodlink. They toil away in unforgiving conditions to ensure that Auroville receives high-quality, organic produce, day-in and day-out.

Unfortunately, over the last few years Auroville has been facing a drought and this year prospects for the monsoon are unclear. With crop production largely dependent on rainwater, these farms have a hard time producing what Auroville needs. AurovilleRadio was present to interview these quality-food suppliers to talk about organic farming and some of the challenges they face in this climate.