Photographer:Artist Loretta | Swan drawing
05 Jul / 2010Program by:

Finding The Psychic Being

The first major goal to attain in Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga is to realize your own soul, called by Sri Aurobindo the Psychic Being, from the Greek (and French) word, Psyche. In July, 2010, at the Matagiri AUM Conference in New York, Loretta gave a lecture called Finding the Psychic Being, which presented recordings of Mother teaching the Ashram school children how to find their soul.That tiny portion of the One Supreme which decided to forget its universal totality in order to become an individual and to grow back into itself by successive realizations through many lifetimes is our individual soul. This lecture radiates the atmosphere of the Psychic Being and explains how to find it through Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s teachings.

Sri Aurobindo and Mother, Finding The Psychic Being, sold at Savitri Bhavan and Auroville bookstores and available through the Auromere website.

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