Photographer:Mari | Liisa
05 Jan / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Finland and Auroville Partnership

Today interviews is with Liisa, an artist from Finland that is one of the creators of the project Legends of Birth, a partnership with other Aurovilians artists. She explain us her motivations, ideas and projects connect to this beautiful subject: the creation and the birth of mankind. We also have some general announcements from the Telephone Service on the new directory and from EcoService and their new logo. And when the subjective is activities, we have an evening play with Jesse, a painting Exhibition at Savitri Bhavan and the most expected dance performance: Orfeo in India.

And from Sri Aurobindo: “Shun the barren snare of an empty metaphysics and the dry dust of an unfertile intellectuality. Only that knowledge is worth having which can be made use of for a living delight and put out into temperament, action, creation and being.”