Photographer:Giorgio | Chloe' & Antonio interviewing Bhavyo. Antonio and Bhavyo sent 3 short movies at the Auroville Film Festival 2011. Photographer:Giorgio | From left: Indrani, Chloe', Bhavyo, Mario, Loretta, Ireno and Kumar. Photographer:Giorgio | Chloe' interviewing Antonio Photographer:Giorgio | The Cinema Paradiso. Photographer:Giorgio | Outside the Cinema Paradiso Photographer:Giorgio | Casting vote.

First Steps Making Movies

The second instalment of the live radio debates from the Auroville Film Festival action station took place Saturday evening. The topic ‘I am, You are, We are Film makers’ was chosen to encourage film makers from different backgrounds to get together and discuss the film making process and all things connected with film. There were seven participants and the debate was moderated by Chloe’. This is what the participants had to say: Indrani – "This is the first time I am trying film making, thanks to the AVFF – Education Outreach Program.

None of the women in the workshop had ever touched a video camera before. It was a new and exciting experience foe all of us. I learned a lot and was very happy to see my film when completed." "Yes, there is magic in films for example in Tamil films when a poor man can become a rich man during the course of one song than it is like magic…" Antonio & Bhavyo – "We enjoy making films, we have lots of ideas for films. Usually we get an idea and we want to try it out and we experiment. We have three films showing in this festival one is about a Ghost in Bhavyo’s house, in the film he goes looking for it and finds it. In Time Stretch we slowed everything down to see how things looked in slow motion. We liked the effect the end result had. And Parkoueira was about mixing Parkour and Capoueira together to form a new movement based language…" Mario -" My film Timeless has no specific meaning, it is images set to music. I have made other film before. But this is first one I am showing in the festival. I do not concentrate on the aesthetics I put emphasis on the content, if there is beauty in my films it is more incidental…" Loretta – "I do a lot work with Mother’s message in flowers and while doing this work a lot of people suggested that I should make a film. So I eventually relented and took a shot at it and the end result is Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, Finding the Psychic Being." Ireno – "I am Photographer and never made a film before . In my film World Wide Web Lullaby, I was attempting to show that one could make a film without using a camera. I used found images and appropriated images from the net and animated these images to music. There was a lot of work involved and it took many hours to complete the film. I am very happy with the end result and it was well received by the audience. In film making I try to make an effort to concentrate on aesthetics as well as content……." Kumar – " I make films with a social message, especially a for the Tamil community. My film Shanti is about education and work, where a young girl is taken out of school and sent to work by her mother but her fellow students come to her aid and work at getting her to back to school. I also had a film in the previous film festival called ……" The discussion was kept lively by Chloe’ and by the end of it we got and insight into the film making practices of these seasoned and budding film makers.