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17 May / 2012Program by:
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Foodlink in New Spaces

About the same time as new Cycle Kiosk construction, at the area of Solar Kitchen and PTDC, was “growing” up, also the new dismoutable house was growing across the road. In about three months the work was done, and since two days the Foodlink is gratefully occupying the new spaces, just behind Nandini. About construction, the cost and the purpose of this new building Isabelle shares with us, along with the updates on their work, and plans for the future. From next Friday, 25th we can also purchase vegetables and food directly with them.

Good news! Foodlink, the Auroville farms cooperative, has now moved into its new building (PTDC area, after Nandini). The farm group office has moved with us as well. Come and have a look at the new premise and discover the dismountable building concept from Auzolan.
We would like to thank PTDC and Solar Kitchen for being our hosts all these years, sharing with us their space and facilities. A very special thank you goes to Anandi who warmly gave Foodlink the space to grow, with allowing us to share her office when we started developing our activities, with supporting and helping our team whenever it was needed.
Our Team is growing and we are very happy to welcome Inge as our new coordinator. Foodlink is receiving now the produces from almost 20 Auroville farms. Every morning, the freshly picked vegetables, fruits, eggs and dairy products are delivered to us and we are distributing them within few hours among the Solar Kitchen, 2 Pour Tous, Visitor Centre, Kofpu and some other AV restaurants and community kitchens. The grains and rice from all farms are going first to Annapurna Farm for processing and quality check and are then delivered to Foodlink (twice a week) and packed there.

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