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22 Feb / 2012Program by:
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Footsteps Through the Salad

Featured today is Tim; Footsteps Through the Salad, his book on wildlife and natural phenomena. Conscious of the Supramental Light-Force in the Earth atmosphere commemorated 29 Feb. Banyan Tree morning meditation 6-7 a.m. First sale of wood from cyclone: Rs 133,086 for 87 tons into the Wood Sales Cyclone Relief A/C. Garbology project update: developing curriculum on solid waste for AV and outreach schools. And, 6,057 kg. of waste collected in January 2012. 24.9% was landfilled. Remaining 75.1% recycled.

God leads man while man is misleading himself; the higher nature watches over the stumblings of his lower mortality; this is the tangle and contradiction out of which we have to escape into the self-unity to which alone is possible a clear knowledge and a faultless action. Sri Aurobindo
The only safety in life, the only way to escape from the consequences of past errors, is an inner development leading to conscious union with the Divine Presence; the only effective guide, theTruth of our being and all beings. The Mother

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