Photographer:Rakhal | Mr.Marc Luyckx Gishi Mr.Julian Lines, Jaya, Dr.Karan Singh, Mr. Shimelis Adugna, Photographer:Rakhal | Planting trees Photographer:Rakhal | Haile Selassie – Ethiopian Emperor, first world leader to support Auroville
28 Nov / 2010Program by:

For Unity

Sunday morning blessed by sunlight was a perfect frame for the official blessings of the appointed land for the Africa House – Pavilion of the African Culture. Meenakshi on behalf of Tamil people and Aurovilians officially welcomed Africa to stay in strong ties, Dr. Karan Singh sung a shloka at the occasion, Mr.Shimelis sees this act as the beginning, Mr. Doudou Dienne shared a piece of knowledge about linkage between Africa and Dravidian culture…trees were planted together, and Tamil drummers started with the beat, and soon African students joined them…


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