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02 Dec / 2018Program by:

Foreign Body

Solo performance of Imogen Butler-Cole Foreign Body depict sexual violence, stories of survivors, and yet is also a story of hope and healing processes, especially because Imogen included a perpetrator story. The play destigmatise dialogue around sexual violence aiming to open a constructive dialoge which may consequent the changes in nowadays legislation.

Amazing sound track of stories of victims, and perpetrator with original score, set in a simple environment of mirrors representing victims , and chair which can present either a burden of shame and humility or a solid “ground” under the one who started a healing process.

The play “grew” out of Imogen’s personal story, and with it she joins as an activist alongside On Roda Media and Consent Collective, providing talks, training and performance around sexual violence for Univesitite, businesses and journalist.

Indian Tour of the performance is presented by QTP, which has specialize in unique and engaging experiences for live audiences – from theatre, arts management and corporate events.