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16 Sep / 2009Program by:

Four More Days Until

The first Film Festival of Auroville! Almost here! Temperature and curiosity rose yesterday during a 24-hour display of huge neon bulbs strung across the road between Solar kitchen and Certitude. The idea was to film the entire construction of the neon bulb construction from its start to its dismantling. Passers-by were more or less intrigued but the highlight appeared after sunset, when all bulbs were in place, and shining forth in the night, visible to all “Auroville Film Festival 09.” Flashy, a bit glamorous, befitting a film premiere. Coming next week. For more infos click here.

The first Auroville Film Festival will be opening on the 22nd at 5pm at Café le Morgan, Town Hall.’

There will be a special exhibition of photographs taken during the filmmaking workshops organized by us; a screening of all the funny ‘ad spots’ made for us by Jesse and Christoph, and the first screening of our ‘logo installation’ with tube-lights done by Jonas.

We will be introducing the festival, the judges and presenting our souvenir to all the directors who are participating in the festival.’ We have 3 judges:’ Revathi Menon– a very well known actress/ filmmaker/ social activist from Chennai; Gérard Perrier – a documentary filmmaker from Reunion Islands, France; and Gowri Ramnarayan – a film critic/ musician/writer/theatre director from Chennai.’

At 8 m will be the screening of ‘Verukku Neer’, a film by Revathy, in Tamil with English subtitles.
The story draws a parallel’of a woman’s’life’and the political turmoil in India in the early 70’s. Yamuna is brought up by a Gandhian father in an ashram. She meets three different men in her life depicting communism, socialism and capitalism. Having’grown up in’the’Gandhian way of living, she is confused and disturbed by these varied thoughts. Life changes but’does she feels comfortable in these changes? This forms the crux of this’tele-film’which is an adaptation of the novel of the same’name written by Rajam Krishna. She was awarded the Sahitya Academy award for this novel.”

Audience participation
After each screening of the festival there will be an audience vote and at the end of the festival we will present an award in each category based on this.’ So please come, watch and vote.’ The schedule of the festival is attached to this News & Notes and is also available on the net.

We have organised screenings at both Bharat Nivas and Cinema Paradiso everyday.’ Most of the films are showing twice, once in each venue, so that people can watch at their convenience.

Special dinners
For the special occasion of this festival, Café le Morgan will be open for dinner every day and will also have refreshments available between screenings.’

The Auroville Film Festival awards and the audience awards will be announced at Bharat Nivas at 3pm on Sunday, the 27th.’ The winners of the audience vote will be screened immediately there, followed by ‘Sewa, Les Temps des Femmes’, a film by Gérard Perrier.’ The Auroville Film Festival ’09 winners will be screened at 8pm at Bharat Nivas Auditorium.

A Party
Well Café, Svedam, is organizing a special dinner party with a couscous feast and Jesse dj-ing for the occasion.’ Please call 2622219 to make your bookings.