Photographer:Zarin | Regula Schwab , Lucien Dubuis Photographer:Zarin | Kirtana, Regula Schwab , Lucien Dubuis Photographer:Zarin | REgula on Baroque Violin Photographer:Zarin | Lucien Dubuis on Bass Clarinet Photographer:Zarin | Kirtana on electric guitar Photographer:Zarin | Kirtana and Regula Photographer:Zarin | after the perfromance

From Baroque to Future Rock or Joy in Music

Under the title From Baroque to Future Rock, a musical encounter with Swiss musicians, we could have expected almost anything. Yet in Adishkati Laboraroty for Theatre Art Research we witnessed last night Regula Schwab on Baroque Violin and Lucien Dubuis on Bass Clarinet as a musical journey, a playful exploration in music, which thrilled the audience, bringing laughter. When one lives with music, have music in themselves, genres and labels are redundant. In that note Regula, and Lucien freely “travel” from one musical landscape to the other, daring to explore in improvisation, and transcend beyond.
At two pieces, amazing “home based” singer Kirtana joined them on her new electric guitar with her own song, and blues in Blue Room.

The program was offered in musical exchange program of Swiss Prohelvetia, Swiss Arts Council.