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Health Center will be reopen from today, Tuesday 4th of January on between 8am to 1pm, and the Auroville Electric Service informs us that the new timings for power cuts will be from 1st of January onward between 12am to 2pm. In Bharat Nivas we can see tomorrow at 7.30 pm L’Orfeo, an Indian reconstruction of the classical European opera, in which European and Indian musicians, singers and dancers are equally present. At Savitri Bhavan Ashes Joshi will lead tomorrow and on Saturday workshop on The Integral Yoga and of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

In On Thoughts and Aphorisms of the Mother we read : See God everywhere and be not frightened by masks. Believe that all falsehood is truth in the making on truth in the breaking, all failure and effectuality concealed, all weakness strength hiding itself from its own vision, all pain a secret and violent ecstasy. If thou believet firmly and unweariedly, in the end thou wilt see and experience the All-true, Almighty and All-blissful.By tireless constancy in effort and faith, we can unite with the Divine Consciousness which is constant and perfect beatitude.

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