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From Trees to Tigers

Today’s news comes directly from the last Green Column published at News and Notes. First, an update on Auroville Botanical Garden and their interesting projects and needs: starting for hands to work. From the work of green Peace India we have two very alarming news: the BRAI bill, that will give green light to GM crops and the dangerous of it and the government pushing to approval of coal mining in dense forest areas of central India. If you want to know more, please see A big thank to Isa, Lisbeth and Bridgitte.

Tigers and coal mining: the government wants to fast-track approval of coal miningin dense forest areas of Central India. Apart from being important for the livelihood of thousands of people, and holding valuable biodiversity and wildlife, these forests are one of the best habitats in the world for tigers.
Coal mining has already destroyed large patches of forests and wildlife corridors. In Maharashtra, it is now threatening tiger habitats around the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve and cutting off the forest corridors for the tigers to move from one forest to the other. Whatevers left of the tigers, leopards and other wildlife will come closer to extinction.

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