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Future School Students Create Radio Broadcasts

Future School Students Create Radio Broadcasts
Ten young people, 15 -16 years of age, from the entering class of Future school came into Auroville Radio to read, record and edit a story which they had chosen, re-written and rehearsed over three months. This broadcast is the Auroville story of how these ten students had this integral opportunity to grow by receiving what Auroville has to offer in a particular situation. It is cooperation between receptive students and a loving, dedicated teacher and three loving and dedicated Radio workers, including Andrea, the inspired founder of the Radio and Miriam, a skilled editor, a member of the Radio team with a lot of experience working with volunteers and children. The initiator of this project is Loretta, who has learned the value of Auroville Radio by broadcasting programs on Sri Aurobindo and Mother under the careful training and assistance of the Radio team, and who wanted to share her experience with the school children. Here you have the story of the integral experience and growth for these young people, using every part of their being; their mind, to create their own stories, their vital, to emote and perform and “become” the story for the audience. In addition, each had to go through whatever growth process they needed to do a public performance which they knew would be heard all over the world. And finally, their physical, which worked with material matter to edit their own program and, overall, carried them through an actual experience, not simply a theory. With their sincere effort and dedication to doing their best, it was also a spiritual practice of “Perfection in Works” as taught by Mother and Sri Aurobindo; (“Remain young, never stop striving for perfection.” Mother)
You can listen to each student’s broadcast in their own separate Radio program by clicking on the links in the list below. This will bring you each program. Or you can scroll down the Radio page and you will find them there.


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