Photographer:Nela | Arun, Noemie, Arjunan Photographer:Nela | Arun, Arjunan, Noemie Photographer:Nela | Capoeria workshop 15th 16th Photographer:David S. Brown | Delta meteorid shower from 12th - peaks 28th, 29th
14 Jul / 2016Program by:
Featured: ArunLanguage: English

Future with Future School

In today’s news students of Futures School, currently engaged with the work of the radio at the community service week , Noemie, Arun and Arjunan are talking about their experiences, life in AV and future…..

Tonight at 7.30 pm at the Visitors’ Center Le Pavillon de France presents:“Le tableau des merveilles” by Jacques Prévert, a theater play in French .

Capoeria workshop on Friday 15th 4-6pm, and Saturday 9-11am at Deepanam School.

Saturday at 10am at Unity Pavilion – University of Human UnityBeing & Consciousness – 2. Seeds of Consciousness & The Ground of Being : The Bhakti Yoga & the Poetic Sensibility by Dr/ Sedhev Kumar

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