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General Meeting On Appeal Process

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A General Meeting was organized by the Auroville Council and facilitated by Elisa and Niva, representing the appeal process sub-group.

The residents of Auroville were invited to be part of this meeting to clear any doubts, to put forth their suggestions and views and ultimately reach a stage were a clear decision on the mandate of the appeal process is possible to be agreed upon.

The appeal process comes out in form of a relief for those Aurovillians, who had difference in opinion towards some of the decisions passed by the main working groups for the first year experiencing the process. In the past, Aurovillians had no option but to rely and keep total faith on the good will of the working groups. The basic grievance often experienced is in a situation, where he feels maybe if more vital data or crucial experiences were shared with that particular working group, maybe the decision could have been made under different light. To tackle these arbitrary situation correctly and consciously, the Auroville Council has created the appeal process. The decisions appealed against, will be subject to case by case review with an intention to uphold the ideals of Auroville at all time and support improving the decision making process of the working groups. The final ratification decision of the appeal process will be completed via the RAS . For any further information, the Auroville Council may be contacted.

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13 Dec / 2016

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Auroville Appeal Process
Group discussion
group discussion
group discussion