Photographer:Maria | Poster, Fusion after Dance by Nikolai Ivanov 2011 Photographer:Giuseppe | Antonia Duende Photographer:Maria | Reflection 2009 Photographer:Giuseppe | The Points where Things Meet 2011 Photographer:Maria | View of the exhibition hall Photographer:Maria | Nikolai Ivanov

Glagolitic Traces Exhibition

On Saturday 3th at Tibetan Pavillon opened the “Glagolitic Traces” Exhibition of Antonia Duende’s paintings, open untill the 10th of March as part of the events for invocation of Bulgarian Pavillion. There was also a musical offering by Nikolai , Marina and Aurelio, and a poem in Bulgarian language from Narender Khatri. The paintings incorporate traces from stone inscriptions of the Glagolitic alphabet – the first Slavonic alphabet, created in the middle of the 9th century AD by St. Kostantin-Cyril the Philosopher and his brother Methodius.

This alphabet has been used for different periods of time by the present-day Czechs, Slovaks, Slovenians, Croats, Serbians, Montenegrin, Macedonians and Bulgarians and it has become the prototype of the Cyrillic alphabet.
In her aquarelles the artist creates a dialogue through a multi-layered treatment of the surface between the Glagolitic characters and other systems of codifications such as music partitions, symbols and signs of ancient cultures like the Naska lines from Peru or citations in Cyrillic, Latin, Greek, Brahmi, Tibetan etc.
This method allows her to integrate Glagolitic characters from her own cultural background into a global context.
The music was composed by Nikolai Ivanov, Marina and Aurelio. The pieces are titled: Happy Morning, Prayer Song, South Wind, Bhairavi Raga, Fire and the Bulgarian traditional Folk Song. The last four are included in the program and it is possible to listen to them, as well as the interview to Antonia Duende in french language.
The poem in Bulgarian language, titled “Voda” (“Water”), was composed and read out from Narender Khatri, an Indian student from New Delhi.

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