Photographer:Roland | Marco explaning the Chennai Festival Photographer:Roland | Members of the Entry Service Photographer:Roland | Sindhuja is part of the Auroville Council Photographer:Roland | Discussing the topics Photographer:Roland | Devaselvam from the Auroville Council Photographer:Roland | Elvira Photographer:Roland | Krishna speaking about the Chennai Festival

GM on Chennai Festival & Entry

The Auroville Council shared:
We, the Auroville Council, are holding an interactive General meeting to update you on our work and to listen to the communitys concerns and feedback. Together with our sharing, we have also invited the Chennai festival organizers to share a short presentation of their work with the community.
One of the main tasks of the Auroville Council today is find new members to join the Entry Service team. As you are aware, the Entry Service members are quite overloaded with their work and some of them have carried this responsibility for several years. There is an urgent need to find new committed members for the Entry Service. We, together with the Study Group and Entry Service, are organizing a workshop on this topic on the 31st of January 2015. We would like to share more information regarding this workshop in this GM.